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Information for Augustana Faculty

Library Resources

The U of A Libraries subscribe to a large variety of electronic databases. We strongly encourage you to direct students to Augustana's Subject Guides, but for your own research, the U of A's complete list of databases will likely come in handy. For more information or assistance using any of these products, please contact a Public Services Librarian.

Research Support

If you need assistance in any of the following areas, a Public Services Librarian will be happy to support you.

Research Assistants (RAs)

Research Support
If you have a Research Assistant (RA), we strongly encourage you to have them contact a Public Services Librarian to ensure that they receive adequate research orientation and guidance. Support for RAs can include, but are not limited to:

  • advancing research skills
  • identifying key resources to search
  • using tools such as RefWorks

Library Cards
RAs will use their U of A ONEcards to borrow materials. If your RA does not have a ONEcard, they are elegible to receive an RA library card. 

Please direct any RAs/Interns without ONEcards to the Augustana Research Assistant Library Card Application/Renewal Form, and library staff will be in touch with the student and the faculty member with card information.


Suggest a Purchase

As a faculty member, you may suggest items for the Library to purchase in three ways:

  1. Email with as much information as possible. It is not necessary for you to check if we have an item already - we will do that. 
  2. Complete the Recommend a Purchase form on the library website.
  3. Send publisher's catalogues, printed webpages, or other literature with items highlighted or circled via campus mail, attention Nancy Goebel or Paul Neff.

Note: UA Libraries has an "e-preferred" policy, which means that when a book is ordered, the online (electronic version), if available, is purchased by default. If you prefer that the library purchase a paper copy instead, you must specifically ask for the print version.



Putting Items on Reserve
Items such as books, DVDs, reading packages, and more may be placed on Reserve at the library service desk. These items are given short term loan periods to maximize student access. Typical loan period are:

  • 2 hours in-library use only
  • 2 hours and overnight
  • 3 day

Putting Personal Copies on Reserve
Items owned by the library as well as personal copies may be placed on reserve. Please note that personal items will have labels and barcodes affixed to them. The library cannot be held responsible for any damage that may result to personal copies placed on reserve.

Extending Reserves for Individual Students

Student Exams in the Library

Faculty can leave exams at the Service Desk for students to write in the library. Please note:

  • Faculty are responsible for picking up the exam after it has been written.
  • Due to space and supervisory considerations, a maximum of three students can write exams at any time in the Library.
  • Student Library Assistants are not permitted to facilitate the exam process. 
  • Exams are written behind the Service Desk, and complete silence cannot be assured.

For more information, visit the Service Desk or phone ext. 1156.