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Government of Canada Open Data

Department Websites

Most government departments maintain official web sites that provide access to policy information through news releases, Ministerial speeches, and various types of current reports.

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Use the site limiter function (site:  ) to restrict searches to federal government web pages.

Federal Government Policy

Official documents that state and explain the government's policy on a specific issue are often called white papers, regardless of their colour.

Official documents that invite public comment and discussion on a policy issue are often called green papers, regardless of their colour.

It is important to note that white and green papers are not issued for every policy topic and are thus not a complete source of policy information.

Governments release policy information through a variety of publications including the Speech from the ThroneBudget, and departmental publications like annual reports and news releases. Often, legislation is created to enact a government's policies. Thus, the publications of parliament are a rich source for policy information. (EDIT LINKS BEFORE PUBLISHING)


Government News Sources

Library Materials

Search the Library Catalogue for materials with the subject headings "policy" and "Canada" with the potential to narrow by related policy headings (e.g., environmental policy, fiscal policy, health policy, immigration policy, government policy, etc.).

Federal Budget Documents

Expenditure Management System

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Public Accounts

These annual reports are prepared by the Receiver General of Canada and provide detailed information about Federal government spending.

Note: Volume II includes departmental information.

Auditor General Reports

Departmental Reports

Department and agency reports, resources, and publications are available through the Government of Canada Publications Catalogue and each department and agencies’ website.


Departmental Annual Reports

Departmental Annual Reports are included in Federal Budget Documents

Earlier Annual Reports were published separately from Federal Budget Documents for each department from 1867 to 1995: 

  • 1867-1925 - Published in the Sessional Papers.
    Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada (1867-1925) J 103 H2 C36 - Rutherford North 4th Floor - Use the Alphabetical Index and/or Table of Contents at the beginning of the relevant volume to identify the number of the report found in that particular volume. Indexing is also available through Early Canadiana Online.
  • 1924-1930 - The Annual Reports were published in a separate series entitled Departmental Annual Reports, available in paper in Rutherford North at J 103 R1 C36, and in electronic form through the Internet Archive.
  • 1931-1995 -  Each department published a separate Annual Report.

Search the Classic Library Catalogue using “Canada” and the department name as an author and “annual” as a title. HINT: click on "advanced search" twice to access the multi-search field advanced search form.

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