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Find Related Items

When you have found a book that is relevant to your topic, you can use the Author link or Subject Headings to focus your search. 

More by the same Author: Click on the Author link to retrieve books by the same author, Post, Stephen Garrard
You need to copy the author's name and do an Everything search or an Articles search to find journal articles by the author.

Subject Headings: Hierarchical subject links allow you to find more items on the same topic, or expand your search to a broader subject area. You can click on any section of a Subject Heading to search the entire heading, or only the broader terms:

Altruism > Psychological aspects  

If you click on "Psychological aspects" in the above example, a keyword search will run on both terms. You will retrieve a listing of books that all have the entire string in their subject headings, as well as items that have either term in their subject headingsAltruism > Psychological aspects

If you click on "Altruism" you will retrieve a listing of books that has only the first level in their subject headings. This will provide you with a broader search, giving you all works that have "altruism" as a subject, whether generally or on specific topics within the topic of "altruism".

Clicking on a book Subject Heading also prompts the Search to present you with Journal articles and related items on the topic.