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Managing Results in the Books & More, e-Journals and Databases panels

There are a number of options for managing your results - exporting to citation managers, emailing and texting.  Items you retrieve in your search can be managed one at a time or by selecting ("bookmarking") a number of items and handling them as a group.

Managing Items Individually

To manage an individual reference, click on the title.  The options for managing your reference will appear in the Tools box on the right hand side of the screen.  

Selecting and Managing Multiple Items

You can select a number of items from your search results by bookmarking each item of interest.  The Bookmark selection box is available to the right of each item listed. 

Once you have selected items of interest, click on the Go to bookmarks button that appears at the top of each page of results.

From the Bookmarks page, you can export results to RefWorks or to EndNote.  

  • If you select RefWorks, you will be taken to RefWorks where you will be prompted to login, if you haven't already done so.  Your results will be imported into the Last Imported folder.
  • If you select EndNote, what will happen will depend on your browser.  Either you will be prompted to open EndNote and the results you selected will be imported automatically (Firefox), or a file will be created and appear in the lower left hand corner of your screen (Chrome) - clicking on the file, once it is finished downloading - will open EndNote and import the results.

Placing Holds

If you wish to request a print or physical item (e.g. DVD, CD) from the Books & More list, you can do so by clicking on the title of the item to view the complete record.  From the complete record, click on the Place Hold button and logon with your CCID and password. If you do not have a University of Alberta CCID and password, use the link that will allow you to logon with your library card barcode and PIN. 

When the item you request becomes available at the location you requested, you will receive an email indicating the date by which you must pick up the item.  

If you place a hold on an item from a public computer, make sure you close your browser after your session is finished so that your logon credentials will no longer be accessible by the next person using the station.  

Managing Results in the Articles & More Panel

In the basic display for Articles & More, it will only be possible to manage results one at a time.  To do this, click on the article title.  The option to print, email, save, cite or export to a citation manager will be available in the Tools panel on the right hand side of the screen.  Texting is not available for Articles & More.

If you wish to manage multiple results, you should make use of an alternate resource - the EBSCO Discovery System - which provides an advanced mode for searching Articles & More and managing results From this resource, selected records will be added to a Folder.  From the Folder, you can print, email, save, cite or export all the references added to your folder.