Save your work

Please do not save your work only to the desktop.  All work saved to the desktop will be lost in the event of lost power or accidental reboot. 

The best method to save your work is to use Google docs, or, if using Office, open your Google drive in a web browser, then save your office document to the desktop.  Drag the file to your google drive as a backup.  Do this frequently to minimize loss in case of a catastrophic event. 

Alternately, you can use your AFS space. If you have a Campus Computing ID (CCID), you have access to 24 GB of disk space on the central login servers (GPU) known as AFS Storage Space. You can access your AFS Storage Space to store files and access them from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can also use your AFS Storage Space to set up your personal website.

When you authenticate, you will see an option to connect to your AFS space.  If you enable this, the U drive will now be enabled for saving your documents.

When working at home, you can access your AFS space by following the steps found on IST's help page.

If you download a file from your email or eClass, be sure to use SAVE AS and choose your AFS space as your save location.  This is very important as data saved to the desktop is wiped upon reboot and saving to this location will prevent the loss of work. Also keep in mind that if you do not first use SAVE AS, your file will not actually be saved.  Many people make the mistake of just clicking 'Save,' without first choosing a save location, and lose their work when closing the application.


If the workstation you have does not connect to AFS via the authentication window, or if you are at home on a computer without Samba, please use the instructions for logging into AFS via WinSCP below.

Computers by Library

40 Windows workstations over 2 floors.

47 Windows workstations over 3 levels.

45 iMacs over 2 levels.


3 IST computer labs (Windows): 1-30, Knowledge Common, Study Hall.

*To use free versions of MyEconLab, MyStatLab, MasteringPhysics, MasteringEngineering, MindTap and APLIA, please use the workstations in the Knowledge Common.  You will need to have a registration code provided by your instructor.

28 Windows All In One (AIO) Workstations over 3 levels.


IST Lab (iMac): L-110


Education South 155A155B.

22 Windows workstations.  *Dentistry/Pharmacy students only

81 Windows workstations over 5 levels, Rutherford North. DVD drives

41 iMacs 2nd Level Rutherford North. 9 iMacs in Music Library area have DVD drives. All have SD card ports.

3 Windows workstations over 2 levels, Rutherford South.


IST computer labs (Windows) 2nd Level Rutherford South: 2-03, 2-05A

36 Windows workstations.

45 Windows workstations over 3 levels.

5 Windows workstations over 2 levels.

11 Windows workstations over 2 levels.

32 Windows workstations.


Business Building Basement IST Labs: B-18, B-24, B-28


Windows Workstations

PC Windows based Workstation software:

  • Adobe Reader X
  • Adobe Digital Editions 
  • Adobe Flash 
  • Chrome
  • Deep Freeze (All work will be lost on reboot)
  • Firefox 
  • Internet Explorer 
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Shockwave Player
  • Note: Please do not shut the workstations down.

PC Workstation hardware:

  • DVD
  • USB
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Cameras are disabled

Please do not turn the computers off, as they receive updates overnight, and could take some time to reboot if they've missed them.

To access your AFS space, double click the AFS Storage Space icon in the top left of your screen and log in when prompted.



How to Use Your AFS Storage Space on Cameron iMac Workstations

Your AFS space should open up automatically when you authenticate on the iMac workstations.  If it does not, please follow these steps to open your AFS space:

  1. Press command+k to connect to server.
  2. Enter the address for the Samba server: smb://
  3. Enter your CCID and Password in the fields and press OK
  4. Your AFS space is now ready to use in the window that opened.

When you are finished with your station, make sure all of your work is saved properly and then reboot for the next user.

Library iMacs located in Cameron and Rutherford libraries have the following software:

  • Adobe Digital Editions
  • Adobe Reader DC
  • Blender
  • Browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox
  • Deep Freeze (All work will be lost on reboot/logout)
  • DVD player (Music Library Only)
  • GIMP
  • ichat
  • itunes
  • Microsoft Messenger
  • Microsoft Office for Mac
  • Pages, Numbers and Keynote
  • Photobooth
  • Stuffit

IST Workstations

IST maintains several labs in our libraries.  Notably in the 24/7 space in Cameron Library, and the labs in Rutherford South.

IST workstation software can be found here.

Unless otherwise noted above, Adobe Creative Cloud is only installed in the following IST labs on Campus:

Arts 112

Cameron Library B-14 (Knowledge Common)

Coutts L-110

Education South 155A

Education South 155B

Fine Arts 1-7

Fine Arts 2-036

Industrial Design 1-02