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Augustana Plan for the Integration of Information Literacy (APIIL)

FYS Information Literacy Learning Objectives

One of the learning objectives of FYS (AUIDS 101) courses is to "analyze, evaluate, and appropriately use information and ideas."  More specifically, each FYS course includes the following information literacy learning objectives:

  • Find specific books and articles from references
  • Use basic search skills to find relevant books and articles in the library catalogue and databases 
  • Know when to cite an information source
  • Identify the elements of a citation in order to cite a source using one of the library’s citation style QuickGuides

To help achieve these learning objectives along with FYS course research assignment(s), we created Library Research Skills for First Year Seminar Students, an open educational resource (OER) that consists of interactive modules and exercises.

OER Contents

Module Sections
1. Introduction to the Library 1.1 Introduction to the Library
2. Finding Specific Books and Articles

2.1 Finding Specific Books and Articles

2.2 Finding a Book on the Shelf

3. Choosing a Research Topic and Key Terms

3.1 Choosing a Research Topic

3.2 Identifying Key Terms

Module 3 Exercise: Choosing a Research Topic and Key Terms

4. Searching for Information on a Topic

4.1 Why Search for Information?

4.2 Search Techniques

4.3 Where and How to Search

4.4 Types of Information Sources

5. Citing Your Sources

5.1 Introduction to Citation

5.2 What's Included in a Citation

5.3 Citation Resources

Module 4 & 5 Exercise: Finding and Citing Information on a Topic