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Augustana Photo Contest

Photo Contest Guidelines


Each photograph:

  • can be submitted only by the person who took the photograph
  • must attempt, in some way, to capture the photographer's experience with the Augustana library
  • must include a title
  • must include a 50-75 word description or explanation of the photograph

Each photographer:

  • can submit multiple entries, but each photo must be submitted separately
  • must ensure that they have any subjects' permission to submit photos in which those people are recognizable. Signed release forms (available at the library service desk) must be provided to the Augustana Library upon request


Evaluating any art form is subjective. Entries will be judged for:

  • the connection between the photo, description, and library experience
  • originality
  • visual impact (e.g. composition, use of colour and lighting, digital manipulation)

The determination of the winner(s) by Augustana is final and binding.

Augustana reserves the right, but not the obligation, to not award a prize.

Official Rules