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Augustana Photo Contest

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2012 Photo Contest Winners

For this contest, photos could be submitted in the following categories:

  • Architectural Aesthetics: Try to capture the unique physical form of the library
  • Space-to-Place: Show us how the library is much more than a building but rather a place where the campus lives!
  • Creative Vision: Use your creativity and technological savvy! Imaginative, innovative and inspired photographic manipluations involving the library are welcome here!
  • Inside/Outside Interface: Our experiences of the library are steeped in ongoing movements and interactions between other campus spaces; images must include an interface between inside/outside the library (e.g. from/to the forum or ravine, through a window or a doorway)
  • Library Noir: Night scenes, shadowy sights; can you 'see' the mystery, evocation, and intrigue of the library?
  • Library Jour: Showcase the natural light, the reflections, etc. of the library
  • The People of the Library: The library was built for people! Images submitted to this category must include actual people using the library space.

Winner of the Architecture/Aesthetics category

Sunset by Kristi Abramoff

"This angle provides an impressive view of the architecture of the library."

Winner of the Space-to-Place category

See Beauty in the Simple Things by Kellie Breker

"Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill. Without books, the development of civilization would have been impossible. They are engines of change (as the poet said), windows on the world and lighthouses erected in the sea of time. They are companions, teachers, magicians, bankers of the treasures of the mind. Books are humanity in print." - Barbara W. Tuchman

Winner of the Creative Vision category

Always Something Interesting at the Augustana Campus Library by Luke Diehl

"This photo was shot during a library display of arthropods and mollusk shells in 2011. This is a creative photo of one of the displays which contained a variety of mollusk shells provided by Dr. Terzin. I wanted to submit this photo to show my appreciation of the many interesting and educational materials that get displayed in the library throughout the school year!"

Winner of the Inside/Outside Interface category

Through the Door by Kristi Abramoff

"I thought this photo really typified the category of interface between inside and outside. It encapsulates the excitement one feels when one walks into a library."

Winner of the Library Jour category

Mirrors by Jeffrey Choi

"Natural light is directed into the library before sunset. The reflection from glass has created a clear mirror image of the information desk. The reflection from the floor has created a blurry image that is like an oil painting. The two reflections and the library itself have merged together as a picture and converge at the entrance of the library, directing the audience to look at the natural light source outside of the library."

Winner of the People of the Library category

Winter Semester by Maya Zimmerman