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Augustana Photo Contest

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2014 Photo Contest Winners

For this contest, photos could be submitted in the following categories:

  • Architectural Aesthetics: Try to capture the unique physical form of the library
  • Space-to-Place: Show us how the library is much more than a building but rather a place where the campus lives!
  • Creative Vision: Use your creativity and technological savvy! Imaginative, innovative and inspired photographic manipluations involving the library are welcome here!
  • Inside/Outside Interface: Our experiences of the library are steeped in ongoing movements and interactions between other campus spaces; images must include an interface between inside/outside the library (e.g. from/to the forum or ravine, through a window or a doorway)
  • Library Noir: Night scenes, shadowy sights; can you 'see' the mystery, evocation, and intrigue of the library?
  • Library Jour: Showcase the natural light, the reflections, etc. of the library
  • The People of the Library: The library was built for people! Images submitted to this category must include actual people using the library space.

Winner of the Architecture/Aesthetics category

The Autumn Sun by Jaynita Maru

"The sun sets behind the library building on a lazy Saturday afternoon, revealing a colourful view across the Ravine!"

Winner of the Creative Vision category

Inside Out by Judeah Negre

"Sometimes we're in the library for so long that we forget what it even is. Creating this picture made me put into perspective how small I am compared to the greatness of the library, and how time passes without notice. If looking through a window were like looking through a mirror, maybe I'd notice change more."

Winner of the Inside/Outside Interfaces category

That View Though… by Jaynita Maru

"The floor to ceiling windows of the 2nd floor of the library overlook the panoramic view of the Ravine. Breathtaking."

Winner of the Library Noir category

Steady by Judeah Negre

"Groceries on my right arm, OneCard in my right hand, and coffee in my left. While strategically planning how to gracefully walk down an ice covered hill, there is a sight that never goes unnoticed. Although the grocery struggle is real, so is the beauty of the library at dusk."

Winner of the People of the Library category

Unprecedented by Judeah Negre

"How awesome is it that the library offers a place for the people of the library to rehearse presentations with equipment provided? This was a space that made a difference in how I saw the library. It isn't just for reading and studying, but a place that encourages creativity."