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Augustana Photo Contest

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2015 Student Research Photo Contest Winners

For the 2015 contest, participants submitted photos that answered the question, "what does your research look like?"

1st place

Getting Ready by Alyssa Belanger

"This photo was inspired by the preparation process for putting on a show. There is a great deal of work that brings one to the point of getting ready, the application of make-up and dressing in the green room before a show is the culmination of hours of effort and research into character development, costuming, and script analysis."

2nd place

Hands on Research by Luke Diehl

"I have become increasingly interested in the visual arts as a medium of expression. I have had previous experience in the dramatic arts, which has vastly influenced my fascination with the body as a vessel for expression. This photo shows my process for my installation painting series, which focuses on the diversity of the human face, mind, and perceptions. Research and inspiration were found in library literature as well as through dialogue with professors and other students."