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Augustana Photo Contest

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2016 Photo Contest Winners

For the 2016 contest, participants submitted photos that somehow captured their Augustana Library experience.

1st place

Essay Writing During a Beautiful Sunrise by Heidi Brown

"I came to the library one early morning to find the sun gleaming in so bright and warm when it felt so crisp and chilly outside. The sun was so soothing and relaxing while I was doing my essay."

2nd place

La Vie en Rose (Life in Pink) by Christine Tran

"Life behind rose-coloured glasses. As a student, it's hard not to find beauty in the little things, such as an early 7am sunrise on my way to breakfast, or the warm, rosy light shining through the bookshelves. This is the place to catch a glimpse of the beauty around you. To watch the snow fall, to watch the deer wander, to watch the moon shine over this place we call home."

3rd place

Row on Row by Lane Anderson

"I saw a row of bookshelves and wanted to capture a perfectly symmetrical image of them. I used a wide angle lens to give it a very spacious look."