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Dentistry & Dental Hygiene

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You can find books two ways:

  1. Browse the shelves at the Geoffrey and Robyn Sperber Health Sciences Library using the following call numbers; or
  2. Search the online Library Catalogue using the words listed below​. 
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Call Number 
Subject words In Library Catalogue
RK 1-57+
Dentistry, general
RK 58-59.3+
Practice of dentistry. Dental economics
RK 60+
Dental hygiene
RK 60.7+
Oral and dental hygiene and prophylaxis
RK 60.7-60.8+
Preventive dentistry
RK 71-231+
Dental education
RK 240+
Computer applications
RK 280+
Oral and dental anatomy and physiology
RK 301+
Oral and dental pathology
RK 340+
RK 361+
RK 470
Temporomandibular joint
RK 501-519
Operative dentistry. Restorative dentistry
RK 520-528
RK 529-535
Oral surgery
RK 641-667
RK 701+
Materia medica and pharmacology

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