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"Sociology is the study of the social aspects of human existence. By exploring the complexities and dynamics of social life, sociologists produce knowledge that is relevant to the worlds we inhabit.

Almost every part of our daily life is social. Our innermost thoughts are expressed in a language we share with others; our interactions with friends, family, professors, or the person we buy our coffee from, follow scripts that differ from culture to culture; the jobs we choose from – and whether we have a job at all – are defined by the socio-economic system of our society; even our relationship with nature is shaped by a social context beyond the control of any individual. We’re born in to a world of meanings and structures that shape us, that we must adapt to, and in many ways try to re-shape, in order to survive. Sociology seeks to understand these broad forces, systems, and structures on their own terms." (Department of Sociology

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Doris Wagner
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University of Alberta
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