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We are discontinuing RefWorks

After careful consideration, The UAlberta Library has decided to discontinue the campus-wide institutional subscription to the RefWorks reference management service.

Our RefWorks subscription expires on October 1, 2021. You will need to back up your account data or transition to other reference management software before October 1st.

We have created the RefWorks Transition Guide to walk you through how to move your references out of RefWorks and into other reference management software.

Organizing & Managing References

Once you have imported references into your Refworks account, you can organize them into folders. This video will show you how to create folders, create subfolders, and add references into folders:

Prefer written instructions? Click on the document(s) below: 

Adding References to a Folder

You can individually add or remove a reference from a folder by clicking on the Edit undefinedor View undefined icons, or when you manually add a new reference.

To bulk add your references, select the references you wish to add to a folder by using one of the following methods: 

  1. Under References to Use, choose Selected. Select the box next to the Ref ID to select a specific reference or references. These selections are not saved when you go to the next page, so be sure to add the references to a folder before moving to another page.
  2. Under References to Use, choose Page. This will include all of the references on your current page.
  3. Under References to Use, choose All in List. This will include the entire list of references.  

Once you have selected your references, click the Add to Folder icon and choose the folder you want the references added to. 



Removing References from a Folder

Open the folder currently containing the reference(s) you wish to remove.

Using the References to Use function (described above), choose Selected, Page or All in List. Once your references are selected, click the Remove From Folder icon


Note: If you have a reference filed in multiple folders, the reference will only be removed from the folder you are viewing.

Deleting References

When you delete references from your account, they are automatically moved to Deleted References. These references will be automatically and permanently deleted from your account after 30 days. To access this area, select View from the top menu bar and choose Deleted References from the dropdown list. 


You can restore references from Deleted References to your Legacy Refworks account. Any restored references will be returned to your account with any pre-existing folder information, attachments and RefShare comments. 


To Restore Deleted References:

Select View from the top menu bar and choose Deleted References from the dropdown menu.

Using References to Use (described above), choose between Selected, Page, and All in List to select the references you want to restore. Once you're ready, click the Restore icon. 


Your references will be returned to their original location in your Refworks account.

Removing Duplicate References

There are two ways to view duplicate references in your Legacy Refworks Account.

  1. Select View from the top menu and choose Duplicates. You can choose to search for Close Duplicates or Exact Duplicates


2. right-click on your folder from the Folders menu and select Find Duplicates from the list of options. You can choose between finding Exact Duplicates / Close Duplicates in This Folder or finding Exact Duplicates / Close Duplicates in All References


If duplicate references are found, a list will be generated and one copy of each duplicate reference will be pre-selected.


You can delete the duplicate references by choosing Selected from References to Choose and clicking the Delete  icon. If you want to remove your references from the folder you are viewing, but not necessarily delete the references from your account, you can click the Remove From Folder  icon.