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Exporting as CSV in ProQuest RefWorks

In RefWorks, open the folder where you are storing the desired references and, if you would only like include some references in your .CSV file, select them using the checkbox next to each reference. 

Click on the Share Menu and select Export References from the drop-down menu. 

Refworks BibText

On the window that appears, choose whether you would like to include all or only the selected references in your file, and the type of file format you would like to export them as (in this case it would be Tab Delimited). Click on the Export Button

RefWorks Tab Delimited

A .tsv file containing your references should download to your computer. 

Open your .tsv file with Excel, or Sheets if you are using Google Docs. The reference data will be organized into sections on a spreadsheet, which you should be able to save as a .CSV file.