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We are discontinuing RefWorks

After careful consideration, The UAlberta Library has decided to discontinue the campus-wide institutional subscription to the RefWorks reference management service.

Our RefWorks subscription expires on October 1, 2021. You will need to back up your account data or transition to other reference management software before October 1st.

We have created the RefWorks Transition Guide to walk you through how to move your references out of RefWorks and into other reference management software.

Writing with RefWorks Citation Manager

Prefer written instructions? Visit ExLibris' RefWorks Citation Manager guide.  

Installing RefWorks Citation Manager


  1. In Microsoft Word, select Insert > Store and search for RefWorks.


  2. RefWorks Citation Manager will be listed. Select Add to install.
  3. Select the RCM tab and click the RCM button. The RCM pane opens on the right side of the document.

    RefWorks Citation Manager - Not Logged In_2.png

    RefWorks Citation Manager - Not Logged In

  4. Log into RefWorks. Synchronizing data with your RefWorks account may take a few moments, especially on your first login. Once you are logged in, the sidebar is updated with your references with an icon to the Main Menu on the top left and a refresh icon on the bottom right.

    If you are using an SSO system, you need to create a password to log in to RCM. For more information, see RefWorks Citation Manager Alternate Login.

    If someone else was logged into this instance of Word, select Log Out in the Main Menu and log back in to your account.

    RefWorks Citation Manager - Logged In_2.png

    RefWorks Citation Manager - Logged In


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