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Tips for Searching

When looking for books on Anatomy, search by subject or keyword in the NEOS Libraries Catalogue (or use the search box on the left).

If you have an exact title or author that you would like to find, search by that specific field in the catalogue, otherwise do a keyword or subject heading search. Examples of relevant subject headings for Anatomy include:

  • Anatomy
  • Human Anatomy
  • Body, Human
  • Histology
  • Human Skeleton
  • Anatomy, Pathological
  • Extremities (Anatomy)

When searching in 'All Fields' for keywords, combine the term anatomy or atlas with your specific area terms, such as:  .

e.g., (anatomy OR atlas) AND pelvis

If you wish to browse the stacks for books on Anatomy, the following Library of Congress Classification Numbers will lead you to the right area of the library.

  • Anatomy: QL 801+
  • Anatomy, Human: QM
  • Anatomy - Pathology: RB 24+
  • Comparative Anatomy: QL 950.7
  • Fetal anatomy: RG 605
  • Histology: QM 551+
  • Oral anatomy: RK 280

If you are looking for an Anatomy item that is on Reserve, you may search in one of two ways:

  1. Look for the particular item in the NEOS Libraries' Catalogue by title or author.  The call number will indicate that the item is on reserve.
  2. Search the Reserve Room (also in the catalogue) in order to find all the items on reserve for a particular course.  You may search by course abbreviation or your professor's name.