MUSIC 103: Introduction to Popular Music

Searching Tip

Many sources of information for popular cultural studies are short-lived, i.e. a magazine or journal may only be published for a limited period of years. Older content may not be useful for current research, but is valuable for historical perspectives. Try searching the library catalogue using the advanced search feature:

  • limit "Call Number" to Music 
  • experiment with subject terms:
    • magazine
    • journal
    • rock (or pop, or hip hop, etc...)
    • popular culture (or popular studies)

Magazines and Websites

The following list of critical and popular magazines are available either through a print or electronic library subscription. Although they would not be considered "scholarly", the content can be critical, and is very often is one of the few places one can find current information relevant to cultural studies research:

(Note Rolling Stone is also available on PressReader)

Below are some resources available on the internet. If you are unable to freely access the content, please email the music librarian to investigate whether we can find another way to access it.