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Identifying Appropriate Journals for Publication

Consult Journal 'Suggestion' Apps

JANE recommends journals based on manuscript title.

Elsevier Journal Finder recommends journals based on manuscript title and abstract (entering both title and abstract is mandatory).  

JournalGuide recommends journals based on manuscript title and abstract (entering abstract is optional).

Open Journal Matcher recommends suitable journals based on journals listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

See below for information on EndNote Manuscript Matcher and PubMed PubReMiner.  

Search EBSCO Discovery Service

Do a search of your topic in the EBSCO Discovery Service, e.g.

Once you have a search result, limit to Academic Journals and expand the Publications facet to see a list of journals that published articles on your topic.  The number in parentheses after the journal title, indicates the number of articles from that journal that were retrieved in your search.  Journals will be listed in descending order from the publication with the highest number of articles on your topic to the least. Once you've identified promising titles, you can visit the websites of these journals for additional information regarding their scope and editorial guidelines.  (To see a complete listing of journals that published articles from your search, click on the Show More link.)


EndNote Manuscript Matcher

An application called Manuscript Matcher is available as part of the web-based EndNote Basic program.  This program allows authors to enter the title, abstract and references cited in a paper they are preparing for publication and once this information is entered, it will be matched against 8K+ journals indexed in Web of Science databases and Journal Citation Reports to produce a list of appropriate titles for submission.  This 3 minute video provides an overview of how this feature works.  

In order to access EndNote Basic, you will need to register for a Web of Science account.  To do that, go into any Web of Science database (e.g. Web of Science Core Collection) and click on Sign In/Register .  Once you have an account, to access EndNote Basic and the Manuscript Matcher feature, select EndNote from the top of the main screen.  Click Match when you are ready to use the Manuscript Matcher.  

EndNote (desktop version) users can add references to EndNote Basic using the Sync Library function available under the Tools menu in EndNote.  Those using RefWorks or other citation managers can add references to EndNote Basic by exporting their reference set in RIS format and importing the resulting file into EndNote Basic by going to Collect/Import References.  Select RefMan RIS as the Import Option, and add the references to a New Group (which you will name).  

PubMed PubReMiner

PubReMiner is an app that provides analysis of PubMed search queries.  A list of journals in descending order by number of references published on the topic searched is produced for each search.  To see only the Journal listing, de-select all columns to display except journal.  




Consult Ulrich's International Periodical Directory

Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory provides information on more than 300,000 periodicals (including academic and scientific journals) in a wide range of subject areas.  Enter your subject term(s) and use the limits on the left hand side of the screen to refine/filter your results.

The 'referee's shirt' icon indicates that the journal is refereed/peer-reviewed, the 'e' indicates that a journal is available online, the open lock indicates that a journal is open access and a gold star indicates the journal has been reviewed.

Click on the journal title link to obtain details about a specific journal including the publisher, frequency of publication, where it is indexed, etc.