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Identifying Appropriate Journals for Publication

Determining which databases index a specific journal

Inclusion of the journal in which you publish in the major databases of your subject discipline will increase the chances of having your publications viewed by others. Most databases will provide a list of journals indexed.  

Check for inclusion of your journal in one or more of the following journal lists:

To locate a journal coverage list for other databases, try googling journal list name of database, e.g. journal list philosophers index.  Most databases will allow you to search by journal name if you are unable to find a journal coverage list for the database you are interested in.  

Ulrich's Global Periodical Directory is an excellent resource to use for identifying databases that cover a journal you are considering submitting your paper to as it will list all the abstracting and indexing and will  indicate whether a journal is peer-reviewed/refereed.  This saves you from having to search out journal coverage lists for each database you think might possibly cover a journal.  Search for your journal title in Ulrich's and click on the title link to locate the Abstracting & Indexing information for that journal.