Entrepreneurship and Innovation


This page is meant to be a broad introduction to Entrepreneurship and a guide to some of the many resources available.

Business Textbooks (Open Access)

Introduction to this guide

Got the next big thing that will rock the world but not sure where to start?

Whether you're a more experienced entrepreneur - or just beginning your first entrepreneurial venture, this guide will kick-start the research you need for a successful start up!

This guide aims to help you on your entrepreneurial journey with resources starting with idea generation all the way to the day to day operations of your company. Research in entrepreneurship comes from a variety of sources, including library databases and reputable free sources of information (such as government agencies, companies, and industry associations).  The path to entrepreneurship is seldom linear, but no matter what step you are at, we have resources to help.

It is important to think about the information you need before starting your research- this guide will help you figure it out! It is arranged into key areas that play vital roles in forming and /or continuing with a start-up.

We have information on the best library databases (often restricted to current U OF A students, faculty, and staff), as well as many Open Access Resources that you can still have access to once you graduate.

If you are not associated with the UofA we also recommend checking out your local public library for resources. For those located in Edmonton you can get a Free Edmonton Public Library Card and the following links have some great resources:

EPL Business Resources

Innovation U

What is Entrepreneurship?

In this context, entrepreneurship refers to all the building blocks needed to set up a business. Entrepreneurship and innovation are also often defined as the self-directed pursuit of opportunities that creates social and/or economic value for our communities within the immediate or longer-term time frame. This also includes social entrepreneurship that drive to solve societal needs.