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Student Well-Being Guide

Interested in Learning more about Wellness?

Light Therapy Lamps

Light therapy lamps are available to borrow from: Rutherford, Cameron, Augustana and Weir library and Bibliothèque Saint Jean.

There is a free standing light therapy lamp available for use at the Sperber Health Sciences Library, located in one of the reading nooks on the Lower Level. 

Leisure Reading, Boardgames & Video Games

ThougKanoodle Geniush the majority of materials in our collection are meant for research and teaching, there are lots of items that serve both this purpose and provide users with a fun diversion.

Some of the cool things available through the library include:

You can use EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) search our catalogue to find an assortment of fiction and non-fiction from a variety of genres, eras and parts of the world. It's also handy for searching non-book related items including music, movies, board games, video games and more.

Augustana Library's Winter Sport Equipment Lending

Don't let cold weather get you down; take a trek out to lovely Camrose and hit the trails or explore one of the town's many indoor and outdoor rinks! University of Alberta students, staff, faculty, and alumni can borrow skis, snowshoes and skates from Augustana Library during winter months. Loan periods are 72 hours, and a brief orientation and forms must be completed before borrowing. Make sure to bring your OneCard!








Sleep Health

Sleep is incredibly important to your mental health and well being. The Sperber Library has energy lamps that you can borrow to help alleviate a case of mid-day grogginess or to help give you a boost when you first wake up. They also have Blue Blocker Glasses to help stave off sleep-disrupting blue light from electronic devices.

Energy Lamps

Blue Blocker Glasses



Streaming Listening Materials

How about checking some of our free music resources?

Streaming Video Materials

Check our free resources for movies! No, it doesn't have the latest blockbusters, but it does have some excellent older ones!