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Citation and Reference Management

Legal Citation (McGill)

In Canada, legal citation generally follows the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, commonly called the McGill Guide. Legal writing primarily uses footnotes for references.

Legal Style Guides

McGill Guide: 10th Edition

McGill Guide: 9th Edition

Additional Style Guides

Complete Manual

Permanent Links

To prevent link rot (broken links or pages in the future) and to be able to continue accessing sources you cite online, you need to use an archived URL or permanent link in addition to the original URL. Place the archived URL in square brackets after the regular URL. 

The McGill Guide strongly recommends the system to create permanent links where none is provided by the site you are citing.

“If the content of a website exists in another format (e.g. a published article or book), refer to the other format. It is nonetheless encouraged to mention the website as an additional reference because it is generally easier to access.” (Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation 10th edition, General Rules E-14)

Legal Abbreviations