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Covidence Instructional Resources

Introduction to Covidence (recorded workshop, November 2020)

Delivered by UAlberta Scott Health Sciences Librarian Megan Kennedy & Janice Kung 

Link to presentation slides

Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 6:33 What is Covidence?
  • 8:40 Register for an account
  • 12:07 Key features and settings
  • 17:28 Exporting results from PubMed
  • 22:24 Exporting results from Medline
  • 26:05 Exporting results from CINAHL
  • 32:58 Exporting results from ProQuest databases
  • 37:51 Using the screening tools (title/abstract and full text)
  • 51:44 Data extraction
  • 54:50 Wrap up



Excellent instructional tutorials and help articles are available from the Covidence support page. For additional video tutorials, check out the Covidence webinar series available on YouTube

If there are questions or technical issues you encounter that are not addressed by the Covidence knowledge base, Covidence encourages you to contact them at