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EDU 100 / 300 - Contexts of Education

Library Tutorials

The following Foundational Research Tutorials have been developed by our librarians to help you learn about research and searching.

Module 1.1 - Finding Research Topic Ideas Module 1.2 - Creating a Thesis Statement Module 1.3 - Key Concepts, Keywords, Synonyms Module 2.1 - Where do you find information? Module 2.2 - Information and Publications Module 2.3 - Popular and Scholarly Sources Module 2.4 - Primary and Secondary Sources Module 2.5 - Putting a Search Together Module 2.6 - Where to Start Searching Module 2.7 - Finding Primary Sources Module 3.1 - Where do you find information? Module 3.2 - How do you put your search together? Module 3.3 - How do you know where to start? Module 4.1 - Synthesizing and Evaluation Information Module 4.2 - Alternate Access Options Module 5.1 - Plagiarism  Transcripts

Finding Authorized Learning Resources

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Define an Authorized Resource
  • Determine which textbooks are used in Alberta K-12 classrooms
  • Identify additional authorized resources used
  • Find authorized resources within the University of Alberta Library

    Click on the image below to start the tutorial; you will require sound.


To find what textbooks are being used in Alberta K-12 classrooms use the:
Alberta Education Authorized Learning Resources Database (ALRD)

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