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Geospatial Data & Maps

This is a guide to all of the University of Alberta Libraries geospatial data (GIS and Maps) resources and printed maps.

World Geospatial Data Resources

Canada Geospatial Data Resources

Alberta Geospatial Data Resources

Edmonton Geospatial Data Resources

Restricted Geospatial Data Resources

DMTI Spatial Solutions offers various products which include detailed street maps, census data and boundary information, postal geography, topographic maps and geographic features for all Canadian urban areas. Included are topographic coverage of 156 urban areas covering 76% of Canada's population (as of the 1996 Census); street names for communities of 1000+ population, and street addressing for communities of 2000+ population. Files from these datasets may be requested from the Data Library.

Academic consortium licensed products available from DMTI Spatial are:

  • CanMap Streetfiles
  • CanMap RouteLogistics
  • Canadian Atlas Map Bundle
  • Enhanced Postal Code file
  • Forward Sortation Area File
  • GeoPinpoint Geocoding Software
  • CanMap Rail
  • 30 & 90 Meter Digital Elevation Model Data
  • 30 & 90 Meter Clutter Data
  • Enhanced Point of Interest File
  • CanMap Parks
  • CanMap Water

The AltaLIS Post Secondary Education Data Partnership Project was initiated to support and facilitate the teaching of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and academic research involving the geospatial analysis of data at post-secondary institutions in Alberta. To obtain any of the AltaLIS Post Secondary Education Data Partnership/AltaLIS datasets described below, contact the GIS Librarian Larry Laliberte.

Alberta Township System Grid Linework

Provincial coverage of the Alberta Township System including Federal Land (National parks, Indian reserves and Metis Settlements).

Three sets of layers for the provincial grid are available:

  • Alberta Legal Subdivision (LSD) (numbered 1 to 16)
  • Quarter-section (SE, SW, NW, NE)
  • Section


ATS polygons includes polygons for Legal Sub Divisions (LSD), quarter section, section, each with statutory road allowances & township polygons, derived from the ATS coordinates.


Alberta (20K) Base Features

Includes the Alberta Digital Base maps for a ll of Alberta.  Feature classes include:

  • Alberta Township System - road allowance and quarter section level
  • 30 NTS blocks updated to 3rd Generation ATS Coordinate File
  • 20 NTS blocks 2nd Generation ATS Coordinate File
  • All hydrographic features greater than 400 metres in length
  • Transportation - roadways, railways and airports
  • Administrative Boundaries or text/symbols for features - County/Municipal District, City, Town, Indian Reserve, Parks, Post Office
  • Contours - 10 metre high intervals from DEM data; 10 & 20 metre high density intervals in mountain regions from DEM data

Most of these layers are now available through AltaLIS.

​Information relating to this product can be found here:  Base Features Metadata


Alberta Cadastral (Titles) - Urban

(Excludes Edmonton, Calgary, and Federal Lands)

  • Feature classes include:

  • Alberta Township System - road allowance and quarter section level 
  • Plans of survey registered at Alberta Land Titles
  • Municipal Coordinate System - coordinate locations for governing points of the legal survey fabric
  • Hydrographic features (data digitized from 1:5000-orthophoto image)


Alberta Cadastral (Titles) - Rural

(Excludes Edmonton, Calgary, and Federal Lands)

Includes the Alberta Rural Cadastral Digital Base Maps for rural ares in 11 NTS areas in South Western Alberta (82G, 82H, 82I, 82J, 82N, 82O, 82P, 83A, 83B, 83C, 83H). Calgary, Edmonton, Canada Lands (National Parks, Indian Reserves and Metis Settlements are excluded).  Feature classes include:

  • Alberta Township System - road allowance and quarter section level
  • Plans of surveys registered at Alberta Land Titles
  • Primary hydrographic features (generalized hydrography from the 1:20 000 provincial digital base) 


Alberta Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

Includes Digital Elevation Models for the entire province at 10m resolution. The DEMs are available as 1:250000 tiles. 

 More information on this product can be found here : (DEM) Support Document


Digital Integrated Dispositions (DIDs)

Is a geospatial mapping product that maintains surface activity extents on Crown Land within the Province of Alberta. Disposition mapping is used for regulatory, permitting and planning applications, by industry, public and private sectors. 

More information about this product can be found here: DIDs Product Information




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