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Medline (OVID Version) 

  • Based on Glanville JM, Lefebvre C, Miles JNV, Camosso-Stefinovic J. How to identify randomized controlled trials in MEDLINE: ten years on. J Med Libr Assoc 2006 Apr;94(2):130–6.
  • Available in Expert Searches under "PHS 692 MEDLINE Cochrane RCT Filter"
1. randomized controlled
2. clinical
3. randomi?ed.ti,ab.
4. placebo.ti,ab.
5. dt.fs.
6. randomly.ti,ab.
7. trial.ti,ab.
8. groups.ti,ab.
9. or/1-8
10. animals/
11. humans/
12. 10 not (10 and 11)
13. 9 not 12


PubMED ♦

  • Based on Glanville JM, Lefebvre C, Miles JNV, Camosso-Stefinovic J. How to identify randomized controlled trials in MEDLINE: ten years on. J Med Libr Assoc 2006 Apr;94(2):130–6.

("Clinical Trial"[Publication Type] OR groups[Title/Abstract] OR placebo*[Title/Abstract] OR trial*[Title/Abstract] OR random*[Title/Abstract] OR "drug therapy"[Subheading]) NOT ((animals[MeSH Terms]) NOT ((animals[MeSH Terms]) AND (humans[MeSH Terms])))



  • Available in Expert Searches under "PHS 692 Embase RCT Filter"
1. exp clinical trial/
2. randomi?ed.ti,ab.
3. placebo.ti,ab.
4. dt.fs.
5. randomly.ti,ab.
6. trial.ti,ab.
7. groups.ti,ab.
8. or/1-7
9. animal/
10. human/
11. 9 not (9 and 10)
12. 8 not 11


CINAHL (EBSCO Version) ♦

  • Derived from The Editorial Team. Specialized Register, CINAHL In Cochrane Stroke GroupAbout The Cochrane Collaboration (Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs)) 2013, Issue 10. Art. No.: STROKE.

( (MH "Random Assignment") or (MH "Random Sample+") or (MH "Crossover Design") or (MH "Clinical Trials+") or (MH "Comparative Studies") or (MH "Control (Research)+") or (MH "Control Group") or (MH "Factorial Design") or (MH "Quasi-Experimental Studies+") or (MH "Placebos") or (MH "Meta Analysis") or (MH "Sample Size") or (MH "Research, Nursing") or (MH "Research Question") or (MH "Research Methodology+") or (MH "Evaluation Research+") or (MH "Concurrent Prospective Studies") or (MH "Prospective Studies") or (MH "Nursing Practice, Research-Based") or (MH "Solomon Four-Group Design") or (MH "One-Shot Case Study") or (MH "Pretest-Posttest Design+") or (MH "Static Group Comparison") or (MH "Study Design") or (MH "Clinical Research+") ) or ( clinical nursing research or random* or cross?over or placebo* or control* or factorial or sham* or meta?analy* or systematic review* or blind* or mask* or trial* ) 


Web of Science ♦ - NOT VALIDATED
TS= clinical trial* OR TS=research design OR TS=comparative stud* OR TS=evaluation stud* OR TS=controlled trial* OR TS=follow-up stud* OR TS=prospective stud* OR TS=random* OR TS=placebo* OR TS=(single blind*) OR TS=(double blind*)


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