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Journal Publishing Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ guide is intended for current editors, who already have experience with OJS software. If you're new to journal publishing, visit our Starting a new journal page.

Table of contents

How do I change information about the journal?

How do I contact all users?

How do I manage submissions?

How do I manage issues and articles?

How do I manage copyright and permissions?

How do I manage users and notifications?

How do I get more help?

How do I change information about the journal?

How do I update the Editorial Team?

Settings → Journal → Masthead

Consider keeping a record of retired board members, as an acknowledgement and to help reserve your journal's history.

How do I edit the About page?

Settings → Journal → About the Journal box

How do I edit the Submissions page?

Settings → Workflow → Submission → Author Guidelines

Also, add items to the Submission Checklist here, and select which Submission Metadata (if any) authors are required to include with submissions. 

How do I add and edit the Copyright Notice appearing on the Submissions page?

Settings → Distribution → Copyright Notice

How do I edit the journal's main Contact page?

Settings → Journal → Contact

How do I contact all users?

How do I post an Announcement?

Announcement → Add Announcement

Announcements go out to every registered user (unless they've opted out). Appropriate for content such as Call for Papers, recruitment for Reviewers, and other informational content.

Checkbox the option to "Send notification email to all registered users"

Depending on your journal settings, Announcements may appear on your journal homepage or dedicated Announcements page.

Why can't I see the Announcement Tab?

Settings → Website → Setup → Announcements → Checkbox "Enable announcements"

How do I get more help?

For more detailed instructions go to:
For help, contact