Legal Research

This guide is intended to assist legal researchers and law students to locate Canadian and International sources, databases, cases, legislation and commentary.

Legal Encyclopedias

Certain secondary sources are designed specifically to be finding aids -- examples of this are the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (CED), and Halsbury's Laws of Canada. These tools are unique to legal research and are great places to start your research.

The CED and Halsbury's are both large legal encyclopedias that address key elements in all areas of law, with abundant citations to relevant case law and legislation. The CED is part of Westlaw Canada, and Halsbury's is part of Lexis Advance Quicklaw. Both can be searched, or preferably, browsed, which allows you to see how various subtopics fit together.

Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (CED)

Halsbury's Laws of Canada 

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Legal Dictionaries

Legal dictionaries define legal terms and common words with special legal meanings.