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Linking to Library Online Resources

Linking to Library Licensing Online Resources

The Library provides access to numerous online resources that we license from online vendors/publishers, and it makes sense for instructors to provide links to these resources on their course reading lists/outlines.  However, due to our vendor/publisher licensing requirements, links to online resources must include a prefix that prompts for authentication for off-campus access.  

The Library uses an application called EZProxy to manage off-campus authentication to our resources.   To facilitate off-campus access to our online resources, the EZProxy prefix should be added to any links you provide to your students.

For example, the following is a URL for an online article:

Once the EZProxy prefix is included, the link will appear as follows:

While making use of the Reading List Service is the easiest way to ensure that the EZProxy prefix is included in links to licensed online resources on your course reading lists, if you prefer to provide links yourself, this guide provides tips on the various methods for ensuring your links include the EZProxy prefix.

Each tab on this guide provides a different method of obtaining URLs that contain the EZProxy prefix.  Which method you choose will depend on the type of resource you wish to link to (e.g. e-journal, e-book) and the vendor/publisher who provides access to the resource.  In some cases, more than one method can be used in which case, after trying various methods, you can select the one you find most ‘user-friendly’.