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Using RefWorks

Refworks can be used to help manage citations for courses in one of two ways.

1. Create a shared folder: RefShare

2. Create a Refworks account that you will share

Using RefShare

RefShare is a module of RefWorks that allows users to share citations, folders, and databases with your students. For more information on how to use RefShare, see the RefShare Fact Sheet

If you choose not to use RefShare to share folders, RefWorks allows you to share your database with UofA colleagues or students on a read-only basis; they can look at but not edit the data.

  1. Create your own personal user account and use it to log in to RefWorks.
  2. Select 'Update profile'
  3. Type a read-only password and click Update. Be sure that the read-only password is not the same as your original password.

Given your login name and read-only password, UofA users will be able to access your database in read-only mode. They will be allowed to search your database, export data and create bibliographies. They will not be able to edit references, import references or change folders. The user can tell if they are in read-only mode by looking in the top right corner of the screen; it reads "Read-only".

Note: there is no limit to the number of users who can simultaneously access your read-only files.

See the RefWorks FAQs on Sharing Databases for more information.