RefWorks Transition and Reference Management Software

Our RefWorks access ends October 1, 2021.

What now? You have 3 options:

1. Do nothing

You will permanently lose access to all the references, sources, attachments, etc. you have collected.

2. Save references and attachments (minimum recommendation)

If you're not sure you need new reference management software (RMS), at least keep a record of all your sources AND keep your options open. There are 3 steps:

  1. Generate a bibliography of all your references and save as a Word, PDF, or Google doc. This is human-readable BUT cannot be imported into new software.
  2. Export and save an RIS file. This format can be imported into RMS but isn't human readable. If you want to keep sources in folders, export each folder separately as an RIS file.
  3. Download your attachments. RIS format does not include attachments, so download any PDFs, html, jpg, png, xlsx, or other files separately if you want to keep them.

3. Migrate from RefWorks to new RMS

There are three steps:

  1. Export references from RefWorks in RIS format (the universal file type for RMS). Note: this will NOT include attachments.

  2. Choose new reference management software (e.g., Endnote, Mendeley, Zotero) and install the software and/or create your account. 

  3. Import your references into the new RMS using the saved files.