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Using Zotero

Zotero Support

Importing References to Zotero

Before proceeding, make sure that Zotero is installed on your workstation.

  1. Open Zotero. From the File menu in the upper left-hand corner, select Import.Zotero File menu

  2. The Import box will ask where you want to import from. Select A File (BibTeX, RIS, etc.) and Next.
  3. Select the file you exported from RefWorks and click Open.

  4. A box with the option "Place imported collections and items into a new collection" will appear. You have two choices:

    • Leave this option checked if you would like Zotero to place your citations into a new, automatically created folder. (Folders are called "collections" in Zotero)

    • Or, uncheck this box if you would prefer the citations to be imported into the "Unfiled Items" area of your Zotero library.
      Zotero import options

  5. If you opted to have Zotero create a new collection for your citations, you may rename it if you wish by right-clicking on the collection in the left sidebar and selecting Rename Collection. The default name of the collection is the same as the name of the file you imported.
  6. Your citations are now imported into Zotero and you can repeat this process for the other folders that you have saved.

Adding PDF Attachments 

  1. Highlight the reference you wish to attach a PDF to and right-click to choose "Add Attachment"
  2. Navigate to select the PDF file you wish to attach. Click Open.
  3. The PDF should now be attached to the reference in your library. 
  4. You can also drag any PDF into Zotero and it will attempt to match the metadata to an existing record. Note that PDFs often have poor metadata.

Adapted from: Knowledge Resource Service. (2020, July 27). Migrating to Other Programs.