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Write-N-Cite and Macs have limited compatibility. A Write-N-Cite plug-in was never developed for the 2012-2015 versions of Microsoft Word for Macs. If you the version of Word that you are using falls within this range, or you encounter other difficulties using Write-N-Cite on your Mac, try the strategies outlined in the document below. 

Word 2016 and newer for Mac

Important: At this time, Write-N-Cite does not work with newer versions of Word for Mac (2016 and newer). For system requirements and compatibility information, please visit: http://proquest.libguides.com/newrefworks/format.

Users running Word 2016 for Mac are encouraged to use RefWorks Citation Manager, available as an add-in through the Word Store. For installation instructions, visit the following site and select Mac: http://refworks.proquest.com/tools/ffw.

Alternately, users can use the New RefWorks Add-on for google docs

Word 2011 for Mac

Download and install the most recent version of Write-N-Cite for Mac here: https://refworks.proquest.com/tools/ffw/

If you are prompted to install or update Java on your Mac, ensure that you download from Apple supportnot from the Java site. 

After installing, open Word 2011 for Mac and navigate to View>Toolbars and make sure that RefWorks is checked. 


This will enable the following toolbar. Click on the login symbol to log in to either New RefWorks or Legacy RefWorks:

Note:  Earlier versions of Word may refer to New RefWorks as Flow. If this is the case, login to Flow.