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Teaching First Nations, Métis and Inuit Languages

Sample Searches for Bilingual Resources

Bilingual resources are valuable in teaching languages but can be difficult to find. When looking for bilingual resources in the library catalog, adding the terms Bilingual or Dual or Parallel can be helpful additions to searches for a specific language.

For example- if you were looking for Cree bilingual resources for children, you can go to the advanced search and enter in Cree AND juvenile AND (dual OR parallel OR bilingual) in the All Fields section.

Alberta Curriculum

The two Aboriginal languages specified within Alberta Education’s Language and Culture Programming are Cree and Blackfoot.

Indigenous Languages Sample Searches

To find Educational resources relating to indigenous languages, combine the name of the language with a topic.


  • Cree Language - Workbook Series
    • Pakân: Problems, exercises, and flashcards available for grades 4-6.
    • Nîhiyawîwin: educational units designed for high school and adult learners.

Blackfoot (Siksika)

  • Blackfoot Language - Workbook Series

More Canadian Indigenous Languages





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