ONEcard Printing

On your laptop:

  1. Open google chrome
  2. Log into your google drive (you may need to log out of other gmail accounts if they are open).
  3. Open the document and click print.
  4. Choose a new printer.
  5. Select See More... Choose Onecardcloudprint as your printer.
  6. Click print, your document should now be sent to the Onecard printer.


At a library computer workstation:

  1. Make sure your file is saved to the desktop.
  2. Open your file from the desktop. Make sure that it is formatted for standard Letter Sized paper. ONEcard printers only stock standard letter sized paper for printing.
  3. Choose Print.  Make sure that the printer selected is ONEcard printer.  In some locations, it may say Xerox Altalink, if you are in those locations, choose that.
  4. A window should open prompting you for your CCID and Password.  Enter this information, and you should see notification that your print job has been sent to the printer.

For colour printing:

  • Windows Workstations:
  1. Download your document to the desktop and open with Adobe Acrobat, do not print directly from google docs.
  2. Click on Printer Properties.
  3. Turn off Xerox Black and White
  • OSX:
  1. Click Print icon.
  2. Click arrow beside Copies and Pages.
  3. Select Xerox Features.                                                                                
  4. Click arrow beside Paper/Output.
  5. Select Colour Options.                                                                            
  6. Select Automatic Colour.                                                                                            

At the ONEcard printer:

  1. Swipe your ONEcard, or if you don't have it with you, use the Alternate Login to enter your CCID and Password.
  2. Select the job that you wish to print.
  3. Press the Print button.

For more information, or for laptop print drivers, please visit ONEcard's website.

For 3D printing, please visit the 3D Printing @ Cameron Library website.

For Large Format Printing (and more), refer to products and services from Campus Design and Print Solutions, located in the Technology Training Centre, Cameron Library basement. 





Copying fees will be debited from your ONEcard Cash account.

  • $0.12 per side for B&W.
  • $0.35 per side for colour.

Troubleshooting tips

For best results download your documents to the desktop and print from there.  Printing directly from the browser will sometimes produce unwanted results. 

When using eClass, right click on the document and select Print from the menu that appears.  Sometimes other methods will result in blank pages being sent to the printers.

When printing pdfs with symbols or other alphabets that may not be installed on your workstation:

  • Select Print
  • Click the Advanced button.
  • Check off the Print as Image box.

If the printer indicates that you have $0 on your account, and you know that you have money on your account, please contact the ONEcard office

Sometimes your ONEcard will not log into the system.  This is often due to high volume on the campus-wide print server.  There are a few things you can do:

  • Try using the touchscreen to log in with your CCID and Password.
  • Wait five minutes.
  • If you have reported your card lost, and then found it again, you may need to contact ONEcard to have your card re-activated.
  • If your ONEcard's magnetic strip has been demagnetized, please visit the ONEcard office. 

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