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Identifying Appropriate Journals for Publication

Tools to Suggest Journals for Publication

Tool Description
JANE Recommends journals based on manuscript title and/or abstract. Health science focus.
Elsevier Journal Finder Recommends journals based on manuscript title and abstract (entering both title and abstract is mandatory). Will only retrieve Elsevier journals. 
JournalGuide Recommends journals based on manuscript title and abstract (entering the abstract is optional).
B!SON Helps find a suitable Open Access journal for your publication by leveraging semantic and bibliometric methods. 

For more tips and tricks, contact the library! 

Search EBSCO Discovery Service

Search for your topic on the Library website via EBSCO Discovery Service. E.g. 

Once you have run the search, limit to Academic Journals and expand the Publication facet to see a list of journals that published articles on your topic. The number in parentheses after the journal title indicates the number of articles from that journal that were retrieved in your search. Once you've identified promising titles, visit the journal websites for additional information regarding their scope and editorial guidelines.

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