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Animal Science

The BSc Animal Health program provides a strong background in basic life sciences with application in animal immunology and infection, animal physiology, nutrition, behavior and welfare, animal production and food processing.

Smaller collections to search

Try simple searches in these, such as: cattle behavior, livestock diseases


Find articles, book chapters, conference papers, and other types of scholarly writing for your research. Try searches such as:

  • ( "farm animal*" or livestock ) AND behav*
  • (behav* or habit* or character* or temperament) AND (cattle or beef or cow or cows or bovine or calf or calves) AND (farm*)
  • (train* or teach or learn* or instruct* or coach* or condition*) NEAR/3 (cattle or beef or cow or cows or bovine or calf or calves)


Interdisciplinary Databases

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