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Identifying Appropriate Journals for Publication

Avoiding Predatory Publications

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) has produced a clear infographic that provides tips for avoiding publishing in undesirable journals.  The document is available at:  

Think. Check. Submit.  Are you submitting your research to a trusted journal? Watch this 2-minute video and use the Think. Check. Submit. check list to help you choose trusted journals for your research. 


We have developed a worksheet that you can work through to if you're wondering whether or not a journal is real or fake.


Check for inclusion of your journal in one or more of the following journal lists:

Other sources to consult:

A word about Beall's List

You may have heard of Beall's List, a list of publishers/journals that the site's author Jeffrey Beall considered to be predatory.  The site hosting the list has been taken down, but the list, current as of the date it was taken down in January 2017, is available via the WayBack Machine.  

However, there has been some valid criticism of Beall's methods such that there may be legitimate publishers/journals on his list.  That being the case, rather than simply relying on Beall's list, it is recommended authors apply the criteria outlined in the CARL document to assess the publishing practices of the journal they are considering submitting a manuscript to.

Avoiding Fake Conferences

Other Helpful Tools