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Fee-Based Library Services

Specialized fee-based library services for Health Sciences Researchers

he following specialized services are available for a fee:

  • Librarian systematic/scoping review priority support with/without co-authorship
  • Preliminary screening of references for systematic/scoping reviews
  • Provision of customized reports identifying appropriate journals in which to publish.  Reports will include background information about journals, including journal impact factors and identification of appropriate, non-predatory Open Access journals.
  • Customized mediated literature searches
  • Current awareness services such as setting up profiles, collating of information and distribution of summarized information.
  • Research impact analysis including citation-based impact analysis for individuals or departments, tracking publications and retrieving research metrics such as journal impact factor and/or h-index, analysing scholarly output and preparation of reports.

Fees for Systematic Review Support and Research Impact Analysis will be determined upon receipt of service request. Rates for all other fee-for-service research support are $100/hour and $500/day.

To inquire about one of the above specialized services, please email