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Historical Curriculum Collections (Alberta)

Digitized Collections

Print versions of this unique collection of Alberta Education curriculum guides, programs of study and historical textbooks are housed in the RCRF. These resources are of interest to researchers in all programs in the Faculty of Education.

Hosted through the Internet Archive, digitization of these items now enables many more researchers to search and obtain access to these historical documents.

The Wiedrick Collection: Digitizing 100 Years of Curricular Materials


Textbook covers representing the Wiedrick CollectionThe Wiedrick Digitization Project benefited from the work and expertise of many current and former University of Alberta Library staff members and student employees including:


Sonya Betz
Debbie Feisst
Jessica Peck
Alicia Cappello
Spencer Holizki
Zachary Schoenberger
Scott Davies
Viera Hotar
Amanda Wakaruk
Danoosh Davoodi
Janice Kung
Karen Willsher
Peggy Sue Ewanyshyn
Cam LaForest
Emily Zheng
Sharon Farnel
Nicole Loroff


Special thanks to Katherine Koch, former Head of H. T. Coutts Library, who was a strong supporter of this project and was instrumental in getting it off the ground.

Team leads: Kim Frail and Mireille Smith

The Wiedrick Digitization Project is based on the extensive elementary and secondary Alberta School Curriculum Historical Bibliographies (1885-1985) which were created by a project team consisting of: Josie Tong, principal investigator, Ila Scott, project leader, and team members Maureen Beristain and Barbara Owens.

Internet Archive

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