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Teaching English Language Arts

Open Educational Resources

ELA Authorized Resources

You can use key terms as in the example below to search for ELA authorized textbooks in the UofA library catalogue. Please see our tutorial on searching the AB Ed Authorized Learning Resources Database (ARD) on how to locate additional authorized resources.

Search Tips

To find curriculum materials, try these subject searches:

English Language Composition and Exercises
Reading Comprehension
Composition and exercises
Creative writing

Try combining your topic with these terms:

Problems, exercises, etc.
Juvenile literature
Juvenile fiction
Juvenile poetry
Juvenile software
Interactive multimedia
Creative activities and seatwork

Sample searches to try:

Alberta Education Authorized Learning Resources Database

To find what textbooks are being used in Alberta K-12 classrooms use the:
Alberta Education Authorized Learning Resources Database (ALRD)

Finding Authorized Learning Resources Tutorial

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Define an Authorized Resource
  • Determine which textbooks are used in Alberta K-12 classrooms
  • Identify additional authorized resources used
  • Find authorized resources within the University of Alberta Library

    Click on the image below to start the tutorial; you will require sound.