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Teaching Secondary Social Studies

Walking Together: First Nations, Metis and Inuit Perspectives in Curriculum

This digital resource, a professional development resource for educators, was designed to help teachers uderstand the holistic nature of FNMI ways of knowing, to provide opportunities for FNMI Peoples to share their prespectives and to demonstrate FNMI perspectives in teaching and learning experiences.

Provincial Achievement Tests

Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT)

Information for students, parents, teachers and administrators concerning Achievement tests in grades 3, 6 and 9.

Includes released test items, examples of standards for student writing, and access to Quest A+ - Alberta Education's digital testing solution. 

Alberta Education: Program of Studies

Programs of Study are legal documents prepared by Alberta Education that outline the curriculum.

Social Studies (7 to 9)

Social Studies (10 to 12)

Social studies, kindergarten to grade 12 (print)

Alberta Education: Learning & Teaching Resources

Learning Resources are a means of implementing the curriculum in the classroom.

Online at Alberta Education: Social Studies Learning & Teaching Resources

Literature Connections: bibliographical information and annotations for a selection of books organized by grade. A template for screening literature connections for social studies is included; teachers can use this to identify literature, videos, pictures, and music samples that best meet the learning outcomes of the new Social Studies program of studies.


Authorized Learning Resources Database

Finding Authorized Learning Resources Tutorial

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Define an Authorized Resource
  • Determine which textbooks are used in Alberta K-12 classrooms
  • Identify additional authorized resources used
  • Find authorized resources within the University of Alberta Library

    Click on the image below to start the tutorial; you will require sound.

Alberta Education: Levels of Authorization

What are the levels of authorization?

(Student) Basic learning resources are those student learning resources authorized by Alberta Learning as the most appropriate for addressing the majority of outcomes of the course(s) or substantial components of the course(s); or the most appropriate for meeting general outcomes across two or more grade levels.

Student Support learning resources are those student learning resources authorized by Alberta Learning to assist in addressing some of the outcomes of the course(s) or components of the course(s); or to assist in meeting the outcomes across two or more grade levels.

(Authorized) Teaching resources are those teaching resources identified as the best available resources to support the implementation of programs of study and courses; they may be teacher guides to accompany student resources or teacher professional resources. The authorized teaching guides are listed with the student resources.

Distributed Learning resources are print and online resources that have been identified for the development and delivery of distributed learning. These resources can be used by educators and students in a variety of different learning environments—distance learning, classrooms, homeschooling and outreach.