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The Library website offers you various options to search for the information you need.
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Search the Library: Search University of Alberta Library collections

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Search the Library: Main search box on the library website


What are you searching?

You are searching the NEOS Libraries Catalogue via our Discovery interface to determine availability of books/eBooks, database titles (but not their contents), journals/eJournal titles (but not articles), musical scores and recordings, maps, films, government information, and other material held in the U of A Libraries' collections and those of our NEOS Partner Libraries.  Search results will provide a description of items as well as location and availability for hard-copy material and links to online sources. More content that is curated and created by the UA Libraries will be added to this Discovery interface. Watch this space for updates!

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Search for Articles: Use EBSCO Discovery to search for Articles & Books at the same time

Find Articles and Books: EBSCO DiscoveryEBSCO Discovery Service (EDS): Search the Library Catalogue, plus 300 databases
What are you searching?

You are searching the Library Catalogue (as described above) along with 300 databases. These databases are a subset of all the databases available through the UA Libraries. The databases cover academic literature in a wide range of disciplines including arts & humanities, social sciences, education, health sciences, engineering, and sciences: List of databases included ("enabled") in EDS.  

  • A search of EDS will provide you with bibliographic citations and links to full-text of journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, eBooks, digitized primary source collections, images, etc. 
  • While EDS provides coverage of a broad variety of information sources, it does not search all the online information resources the UA Libraries provides access to. See below for information on individual, subject-specific databases, including those not searched by EDS

HELP: EBSCO Discovery Help Files or Ask Us

Search for Databases: Find Individual Databases to help you focus your search

Individual DatabasesIndividual Databases / Subject-Specific Databases
What are you searching?

You are searching the list of databases that the UA Libraries subscribes to (but not their contents). To search the contents of a specific database, you need to access it from this list and search there.

What do databases contain?
Some databases focus on the literature of a specific discipline, allowing you to zero in on your topic. Some provide search functions that are designed for your discipline, eg: search by historic period for history, search by molecular structure for chemistry, search by methodology for psychology, etc. Some databases offer useful ways to approach your topic, eg: citation databases such as Web of Science and Scopus. Most databases focus on written works such as journal articles, conference proceedings, and book chapters. Some allow you to search for numeric data, images, audio & video, etc.

Find the databases that work for you:

HELP: Ask Us for help with identifying useful databases, search strategies, effective use of database interfaces, citation, etc.

Search for e-Journals

Find e-Journal TitlesLook up e-Journals

What are you searching?

This search enables you to look up the library's e-Journal holdings. It is particularly useful if you have a citation for an article, and you already know what journal it is published in. 

  • ​​NOTE: This search will provide you with journal information only and will not search for individual articles within each journal. If you are looking for articles on a given topic, we recommend you see the databases or articles search info above.
  • To see if we have a journal title in print, use Search the Library, as described above.

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What about Google Scholar?

Use Google Scholar to reach into the collections of the U of A Libraries and other libraries worldwide, Subscription Databases, Open Access collections, and more:

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