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Social Work

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  • "Search for Articles" --> books and articles (from several specialized search databases)

Main subject terms: 

  • "Social work"  |  "Social service"  |   "Public welfare"   |   "Human services"

A few examples of narrower subject headings (look for them in search results)

  • Child care services
  • Communication in social work
  • Evidence-based social work
  • Medical social work
  • Police social work
  • School social work
  • Social advocacy
  • Social case work
  • Social work, rural
  • Social workers

Browse the shelves

Explore the shelves physically and "virtually" (through call number searching).

  • HN   Social history and conditions, social problems and social reform
  • HQ  The family, marriage, women
  • HV 1 to HV 4959   Social services
  • HV 4961 to HV 9920   Social Pathology

How our library is organised:

Specialized Literature Searching databases

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Main Social Work literature search databases

Other relevant literature search databases

Background / Reference / Films, Videos

  • encyclopedia, encyclopedias, encyclopaedia
  • dictionary, dictionaries
  • companion
  • handbook
  • introduction
  • guide

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Collections of Background Resources

Note: some of these are also available in print/hard-copy version

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