This guide provides research tips and selected resources for studies in music


Welcome! The Music Subject Guide will help you find repertoire, work through the research process and find links to key sources of information.

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nkoda Digital Score Trial August 29-September 29

University of Alberta Library is excited to offer a 30-day trial of the nkoda digital score platform, which provides access to scores as well as technical and methods materials from recognized publishers. To get started:

  1. Complete a one-time registration for the platform by clicking on the Red "Get started" button. Once you've registered, don't forget to set up your individual profile! (Please refer to the institutional sign in instructions if you have difficulties.)
    • You can continue to use this web-based nkoda digital score platform (use the Green "Log in" button) to access nkoda, browse the nkoda library, and work within your profile, however, you can only work with scores and other published content in their apps.
  2. Download the appropriate nkoda app:
  3. Log in (don't sign up!) to the nkoda app with the same email and password that you used to register your account in Step 1

Try it out and please provide feedback by filling out this brief 5-question survey. Your feedback will be valuable in helping us to determine whether we will subscribe to nkoda ongoing.

Do not hesitate to contact Lucinda Johnston directly with any questions or feedback.

Office Hours Fall 2022

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In the mean time, please send me an email and we can set up a meeting time.