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Social Media Analytics for Your Accounts

Social Media Analytics - for accounts you control

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics for accounts you operate. Includes tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, and followers.


Facebook Page Insights

Access your Facebook Page and click on "Insights" to find page likes, reach, visits, and demographics.


YouTube Analytics

Guides on how to analyze channel performance with YouTube Analytics.


YouTube Reporting and YouTube Analytics APIs

For more advance YouTube data, consider YouTube Reporting and YouTube Analytics APIs which let you retrieve data to automate complex reporting tasks and build custom dashboards.


Instagram Insights

Only for Instagram Business accounts. Instagram insights include impressions, reach, website clicks, and profile views.


Snapchat Ads Measurement

Only for Snapchat Ads. Snap Ad Reporting includes impressions, reach, and impact.



Only for Pinterest Business accounts. Find impressions, reach, best pins, and more.

Social Media Analytics - for general

By Liesa 

Try Talkwalker social media analytics tool for free

talkwalker screenshot

Free Social Search offers unlimited searches - simply enter your brand, campaign, or hashtag and measure the impact across all the major social media and online channels. It's the ideal tool for marketers, PR professionals, small business owners, and corporate communications officers.

What can Free Social Search do?

  • Hashtag tracking will find the perfect match for your content. If that's not cool enough, it'll also monitor your competitors' hashtags.
  • Campaign tracking shows where your campaign is making an impact - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, online news, blogs, or forums. Your resources can then be allocated more effectively.
  • Event performance gives you real-time insights by tracking your event hashtag. You'll find the trending subjects of chats, and posts with the highest number of shares.
  • Brand reputation is monitored by watching KPI metrics such as mentions, sentiment, engagement, and reach - for the previous seven days or minute by minute.


Klear - Influencer Specialists

klear screenshot

While there are paid plans for enterprise size customers, Klear’s free tools not only give you social media analytics for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you can also get a fresh perspective on your influencers.

With the Find Influencers by skill search, you can choose to see who the top ten influencers are for over 60,000 different skills. Results can be broken down further by type of influence, locations and gender. There are also options to exclude brands or people with low response rates, but these require an upgrade to the Pro plan.

You can also search for influencers by country or city – the more focused your search, the more insightful your results. While the location search is great for identifying influencers on a local level, if you want to cross-reference them with their respective skills, you’ll have to upgrade.

Pinterest Analytics - Know Your Audience

pinterest analytics

According to a Pew research study, 42% of online women in the U.S. now use Pinterest. With 100m active monthly users, the site is a marketing force to be reckoned with.

If you're a business user, Pinterest’s Analytics tool gives you detailed performance insights. On your front page, the dashboard view shows impression stats for your profile and audience, as well as your top performing pins.

On the audience side, Pinterest Analytics breaks your viewers down by gender, language, country and even metro areas to help boost your marketing efforts and identify your competition.

One of our favorite features of the tool is the Interests tab you can find under “Your Audience”. This neat little section shows you your audience’s interests, complete with clickable pictures. It is however worth mentioning that they aren’t shown according to popularity, so bear that in mind when using this feature.

Keyhole - Quick Social Stats

keyhole screenshot

Keyhole’s free search lets you track brands and campaigns with a visual dashboard with several charts and graphs. It even includes a topics cloud to show you what the most popular words associated to your search terms are.

The dashboard view includes stats such at RTs, replies and original posts, a timeline of how popular your topic is and the top domains. Note that the preview contains sample data.

SumAll* - Simple Automated Updates

Sumall graphic

SumAll offers a premium and a free basic version. The free plan gives you an interactive social media dashboard for a nice overview. You can integrate accounts from social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but also Vimeo, Tumblr, Moz, MailChimp and Google Analytics.