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EDU 100 / 300 - Contexts of Education

Educational Issues Library Research Assignment

Have a look at your assignment details in eClass for examples of educational issues as well as examples of perspectives to explore for your assignment.

Start Here

Additional Search Tools

In addition to the main search box on the Library's home page, try these databases:


ProQuest Education Journals

  • Provides access to educational research and full text for over 600 journals published in the field of Education 

  • Add Canad* or Alberta to your search strategy as a separate concept to narrow the search results (Canad* will search for Canadian or Canada)



Database Search Strategies

Database Search Strategies. 1. For Advanced searching, search 1 idea per search box. 2. Use quotations like "job satisfaction" to find results containing the words "job" and "satisfaction" beside each other. 3. Wildcard: example. wom?n. Results will contain women, woman, and womyn. 4. Truncation. Example: Academi* Results will contain academic, academics, academia and academies. Tip: Check the "Search tips" in any database to find out more! Infographic adapted with permission from the University of Waterloo Libraries.

Peer Reviewed? Academic? Popular?

What makes a publication scholarly or popular? How can you tell?

These questions will be answered by watching the library tutorials in Popular and Scholarly Publication Types

However, here are some points to consider:

  • Who is the author of the article, and what kind of authority do they have regarding the article's subject?
  • Is this article based on someone's opinion or is there research to back up their claims?
  • Does the article feed an immediate information need?

Database Search Tips

Developing a search query can be a challenge, but please consider these tips:

  • Check out a database's Thesaurus to find appropriate keywords for the item for which you are looking. 
  • A longer search query helps databases retrieve more specific resources
  • Using "OR" between terms will retrieve more results
  • Using "AND" between terms will retrieve less results