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History 490/646: British Missionaries in the South Pacific 1790-1900

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Papers of Sir Joseph Banks (also available on microfiche: History of Science and Technology. Series Two: The Papers of Sir Joseph Banks, 1743-1820 -description and location)
Papers of Lord Sandwich, 1718-1792Papers of Sir Edmund Barton, etc.
Trove: Diaries, Archives, Letters

Finding Primary Sources: Search the Library and the Library Catalogue

Use the bibliographies in your secondary sources (historical analyses).

Search the Library for a historical figure or institution and combine with relevant keywords. Examples:

Search the Library (advanced search) and include subject keywords that describe the type of document, such as: 

  • diaries, letters, correspondence, "personal narratives"
  • speeches, addresses 
  • documents, sources
  • "description and travel"

Search the Library example: "Islands of the Pacific" diaries

Find Government Information

Library guide to British Government Information

Library Guide to Government Information 

  • Australian Legal Information Institute - includes some historical publications, eg:
    Victorian Government Gazettes 1851-1999 - includes the Gazettes for New South Wales (1836-1851) and Gazettes for Port Phillip (1843-1851)
  • Geological Survey of South Australia. Bulletin. 1912-1926
    QE 345 A4 no.1-12, 1912-1926 - Research and Collections Resource Facility (RCRF)
  • Government of New South Wales State Records - includes index to Convict Records
    Index to the Colonial Secretary's Papers, 1788-1825: Index only. The following parts of this collection are available on microfilm in Rutherford Library North on the second floor at: DU 177 A97 2002: I. Letters Sent 1808-1825; II. Special bundles (topic collections), proclamations, orders and related records, 1789-1825; III. Letters received 1788-1825 .
  • Search in the Library Catalogue. Example searches:
  • Australia and Royal Commission
  • Author starting with: South Australia
  • Author starting with: New South Wales
  • Advanced Search: Author: Australia and Title:Report or Bulletin and Year: [limit by date range, eg: 1900-1930]

Find Newspaper Articles

Trove: Historical Newspapers and more

Gale News Vault
Covers Newspaper collections from the 17th through 21s centuries

More Historical Newspaper Collections

Primary Sources: Selected Collections in Books