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Teaching Religion & Ethics


Subject Terms / Keywords

*   If you want just a few good things, you can use just one or two terms, but if you want to make your search wider, you can try more terms.

    Try, for example: "first nation*'" or aboriginal* or native* or indigenous or indians


* Combine terms like:

  • Indians of North America
  • Inuit
  • Siksika Indians
  • Haida Indians
  • Micmac
  • [other First Nations names]

with ...

  • "religious aspects"
  • cosmology; mythology;
  • ritual; rituals; liturgy; worship
  • doctrines
  • "customs and practices"
  • "vision quest"; "medicine wheels"; sweatbaths
  • ""ghost dance"; peyotism: powwows; "funeral customs";"

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